AgaNola stands for the „Best of both Worlds“: an owner-managed company with entrepreneurial spirit, which is committed to maintaining a high standard of operational management and corporate governance. Specialised in convertible bond investments AgaNola offers its investors access to an asset class, which combines the “best of both worlds”, the benefits of an equity with the advantages of a corporate bond. AgaNola brings together specialists, who can bridge the gap between basic research and portfolio management. We are headquartered in Switzerland, but we invest globally. Welcome to the World of AgaNola.

Equity or corporate bond? Convertible bonds offers the best of both worlds

For a long time an investor’s risk tolerance was the decisive variable in setting the asset allocation, equities or corporate bonds, of a portfolio. Being a hybrid convertible bonds offer the “best of both worlds”, the benefits of an equity with the advantages of a corporate bond. AgaNola is considered a leading provider in this asset class and to date convertible bonds remain the core competence of this specialised Asset Manager.


Swiss Asset Management – the trend is towards specialisation

Across the globe financial markets are undergoing radical changes. Recently, among major asset managers, there has been a trend toward outsourcing capacities and talents to smaller innovative, effective and specialised units, who provide interesting offers, respond promptly to evolving market needs and that all without bureaucratic obstacles.


Gold & Precious Metals – resplendent in its former glory

There’s life in the old dog yet – an old saying whose veracity is proven once again by gold, both myth and an investment with a track record going back thousands of years. Given the ongoing market volatility and bitter losses an increasing number of investors are looking for a safe haven, which many see in gold and other precious metals.


Asset Management – can contribute to the sustainable protection of pension schemes

Due to demographic changes, asset managers of large institutional clients such as pension funds in particular – face profound challenges protecting pension fund assets longer term. The “Age reform 2020” initiative is expected to bring about fundamental changes to the pension scheme system in Switzerland, ensuring the long-term sustainability.


New Asset Management challenges as part of Solvency II – and the attractiveness of convertible bonds

In light of record low interest rates insurance companies are under persistent pressure, of finding the optimum balance between risk capital and return on investment. The various requirements (SST in Switzerland and Solvency II in Europe which came into effect on January 1, 2016) accentuate the topic.


FinTech – a topic for institutional investors?

FinTech is the current catchword in the financial world. From retail banking to wealth management information technology plays an ever-growing dynamic role. Apart from cost savings for providers, the main benefit should be for clients regarding user friendliness. What role will information technology in finance management play in the future? In particular in the institutional area?



1709, 2016

Sommerflaute beendet – WANDELANLEIHEN: Der Primärmarkt zieht wieder spürbar an.

September 17th, 2016|0 Comments

Nach der Sommerflaute zieht die Aktivität am Primärmarkt spürbar an. In den vergangenen drei Handelswochen wurden über zehn Neuemissionen auf den Markt gebracht. Etwa die Hälfte kam aus Europa, die andere aus Übersee. Die Möglichkeit [...]

209, 2016

AAA-rated gold equity manager eyes M&A mining boom

September 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

By Margaryta Kirakosian - Citywire / 02 Sep, 2016   The gold mining sector is set to experience M&A activity boom in the next couple of years, according to Citywire AAA-rated Florian Siegfried. [...]

209, 2016

AgaNola lanciert Wandelanleihen Spezialisten Forum

September 2nd, 2016|0 Comments

Von moneycab - 2. September 2016 AgaNola-CEO Stefan Hiestand. (Foto: AgaNola)   Pfäffikon SZ – Lange Zeit wurden Wandelanleihen als zu komplex wahrgenommen und nicht entsprechend ihren Vorteilen eingesetzt. Angesichts des drastisch veränderten Umfelds beschäftigen [...]

1607, 2016

Potenzial für zweite Hälfte – WANDELANLEIHEN: Das erste Halbjahr enttäuschte.

July 16th, 2016|0 Comments

Globale Wandelanleihen verloren in den ersten sechs Monaten 3,7%, gemessen am Index von Thomson Reuters, abgesichert in Franken. Dieses Ergebnis bleibt hinter den Erwartungen zurück. Globale Aktien (MSCI World in Franken abgesichert) verloren nur 1,6%. Mit Unternehmensanleihen liess sich im selben Zeitraum gar verdienen. [...]

1307, 2016

«Eine Antwort auf den Anlagenotstand»

July 13th, 2016|0 Comments

MITTWOCHSINTERVIEW Stefan Hiestand, CEO und Inhaber des auf Wandelanleihen spezialisierten Asset-Management-Anbieters AgaNola, setzt auf hohe Kreditqualität der Schuldner.         «Wir empfehlen, 5 bis 15% des Portfolios in Wandelanleihen zu investieren.»   Herr Hiestand, die [...]

1307, 2016

Solvenzbetrachtung für alle

July 13th, 2016|0 Comments

Joe Bättig ist Verwaltungsratspräsident des Asset Managers AgaNola AG, zu dessen Kunden auch Pensionskassen zählen. Er hat über 30 Jahre Erfahrung in der Versicherungs- und Vorsorgeindustrie. Unter anderem war er Präsident des Ausschuss Lebensversicherung des Schweizerischen Versicherungsverbands (SVV). Bättig ist anerkannter Experte für beruflichen [...]

2906, 2016

Härtetest bestanden – WANDELANLEIHEN: Index verliert unterdurchschnittlich

June 29th, 2016|0 Comments

Das Votum Grossbritanniens für den EU-Austritt kam für viele Marktteilnehmer unerwartet. Umfragen, Wettquoten wie auch Kursbewegungen an den Finanzmärkten deuteten im Vorfeld eher auf den Verbleib in der EU hin. Entsprechend löste das Brexit-Votum heftige [...]

2206, 2016

Top gold manager reveals winning formula to beat the market

June 22nd, 2016|0 Comments

By Rashmi Chugani - Citywire / 22 Jun, 2016   Swiss boutique manager Florian Siegfried believes the way reap the best returns out of the tough precious metals industry is to bet on the small-cap sector and focus on [...]

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Specialised solutions

Since its inception AgaNola, a specialised asset management provider, has laid the foundations for dynamic organic and sustainable business growth. AgaNola has managed to convince well-known institutional and private clients of their philosophy and expertise.

Instead of standard products, dedicated experts work with clients to develop customised solutions. AgaNola has built its reputation specialising in convertible bonds and generating sustainable returns performances. More recently, AgaNola has expanded its product range, adding further specialities, adapting to the ever-changing market conditions.

About Us

History and Vision

AgaNola is the result of an entrepreneurial vision, of a seasoned and internationally experienced finance expert, which managed to successfully position itself as a specialised asset management provider.

The company name represents the company’s core values: “Aga” signifies the “wise knight” and “Nola” the “noble”.

“Knight” means protecting investments against capital market risks. Capital protection is AgaNola’s top priority, something which is inherent in the concept of a convertible bond. If equity markets decline, convertible bonds provide protection. However if equity markets rise, investors participate in the positive development.

“Wise” is synonym to “experienced, cautious, and waiting to seize an opportunity”. Core values which are essential in a fast moving business.

“Noble” conveys style, valuing other people’s perspective and treating them respectfully, hinting also at values such as commitment and predictability. This stance characterises the corporate culture of AgaNola as well as its relationships with clients and stakeholders.
Based on this solid and proven foundation AgaNola aims to attain significant growth in the coming years and considers itself well prepared for the next steps.

Founder’s Letter


AgaNola is made up of experts in their respective fields. Specialists who are able to anticipate client’s needs early on, and then converting them in the long term into a sustainable performance, using a process of systematic innovation.

Joe Baettig
Joe BaettigChairman
Stefan Hiestand
Stefan HiestandCEO / Founder
Lukas Buxtorf
Lukas BuxtorfSenior Portfolio Manager
Dr. Wolfgang Marty, sc. nat.
Dr. Wolfgang Marty, sc. nat.Investment Strategist
Silvio Mattanza
Silvio MattanzaStrategic Compliance and Member of the Risk Committee
Florian Siegfried
Florian SiegfriedSenior Portfolio Manager
Marco Tinnirello
Marco TinnirelloHead of Asset Management
Ngan Tran
Ngan TranCTO & COO
René Zueger
René ZuegerSenior Portfolio Manager

Our Investment process

Our active investment approach is based on the principles that a disciplined, systematic investment approach allows for above-average returns. The decision-making process takes quantitative as well as qualitative criteria’s into consideration and provides a strict risk control at different levels. In our analysis we use different valuation criteria’s based on fundamental data, price development and market psychological data in order to identify opportunities and successfully implement them.

On the one hand our investment process is widely diversified and risk optimised, in order to provide our investors an efficient, transparent access to the investment universe; with the aim of a better risk/return profile.

On the other hand we maintain strategies, whose investments are limited to a few positions, thus higher returns are expected with significantly lower deviations.

Having applied our theoretical based, empirically verified and experienced approach we are confident that our investment process will continue to achieve above average returns.

Management and Governance

With the founder being at the helm of the business AgaNola has a well-established, diversified management. The company meets the all the requirements regarding governance and compliance as well as the demands of the supervisory authorities.

The principle of “checks and balances” applies to the management as well as to the “cross-check” principle based of the investment process. To AgaNola risk management has utmost priority.

With the accession of Joe Bättig, a financial professional, the know-how, management capacity and longstanding finance experience has been strengthened and continues to meet the increasing requirements of governance and compliance.